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Cannabis Concentrates: BHO vs. CO2

Here, we provide a brief overview about the differences between BHO and CO2 derived concentrates.


BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is frequently used to for dabbing, the process of heating the concentrate and inhaling. BHO can take the form of a wax, crumble, or glass-like shatter. Butane is the solvent used to derive BHO products. The manufacturing of BHO products can be dangerous and should only be attempted in a lab by those with proper training. While BHO is a very strong product, some do not prefer BHO because it may contain trace amounts of butane if improperly manufactured.

Cannabis Wax
Cannabis Wax

CO2 Oil

CO2 Oil is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of use as a vape pen cartridge. It's vapor is potent, discrete, and tastes good. It's similar to BHO, but CO2 is used as a solvent instead of butane. The downside of CO2 oil is that is generally more expensive and weaker than BHO. When we say weaker, we mean that CO2 products generally have less THC and less terpenes than BHO products.

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