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Haute Box Just Applied for an NJ Retail Dispensary License

We’ve been waiting for this since we started Haute Box back in 2018 after Phil Murphy’s pledge to “legalize cannabis in 100 days.” It’s been a lot longer than 100 days, but we’re ready!

A Diverse, Tight-Knit Team

For the past few years, the four of us have been growing in our own careers while also working together to lay the groundwork for the future of Haute Box. Each of us brings our own strengths to the team: Ian specializing in supply chain management, Michael bringing finance and accounting knowledge,  Kirsten specializing in employee and customer relations, and Dan using his data science skill set.

In due time you will all get to know us much better, but for now we want you to know that we’re working hard to build a very forward-thinking cannabis company. We’re especially excited to have the opportunity to start a dispensary in our home state of New Jersey.

Our Mission

We’re striving to embrace a post-cannabis world with a frictionless, honest, and inclusive cannabis experience. Part of our mission is to do our part in shifting the public perception of cannabis. It’s now 2022, and nobody should feel judged or looked down upon for purchasing or consuming cannabis. 

Medicinal cannabis is a wonderful treatment option for so many people, but that doesn’t mean that it's necessary to have a reason to consume cannabis. We believe that as mature adults, you should have autonomy of your own body without having to explain yourself or rationalize your decision to consume cannabis. Thus, whatever your reason is the right reason.

How You Can Help Us

We’re officially launching a Haute Box merch shop! Show your support for Haute Box by purchasing some merch. We’ve got apparel, accessories, and even some home goods. We plan to drop new merch regularly. We're still working out the kinks, so let us know if you have any issues browsing, checking out, or any other technical related issues.

If you have any questions, business inquiries, or would like to get involved in some way you can contact us here.