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3 Emerging Jobs in Cannabis That Will Innovate The New Jersey Cannabis Industry

Many of the same advances that have been revolutionizing other retail industries will do the same to the cannabis industry, especially in the emerging NJ cannabis industry.

Jobs in cannabis are rapidly growing

The year over year surge in cannabis jobs is mostly due to more and more states deciding to legalize cannabis. It's a massive industry with some estimating the total market size to grow to more than $80B by 2025.

Cannabis market growth from New Frontier Data
"Year over year growth of job posts in the cannabis industry is outpacing both tech (254% growth) and healthcare (70% growth)— by some reports, there are 14% more legal marijuana workers than there are dental hygienists in the U.S."

As more states legalize cannabis, especially along the east and west coasts, regional markets will become more competitive. In turn, this will open up the industry for more unique jobs to help businesses stay agile and competitive. New Jersey is in a unique to position to spearhead the east coast cannabis industry.

Cannabis Data Analysts & Data Scientists

Digitization, especially post-coronavirus, is erasing traditional industry boundaries. The cannabis industry is slowing catching up to other retail industries in harnessing value from analytics.

The need for tech & data savvy workers with deep domain knowledge is only going to grow for cannabis businesses. In due time, the best cannabis businesses will transition from analytically impaired to analytical competitors.

The analytical pyramid from "Competing on Analytics"

Specifically, data analysts and data scientists can help cannabis businesses with product optimization, local marketing, delivery, employee scheduling, and  fostering an overall data-driven culture.

"Unicorn" Cannabis Cultivators

It's getting easier and more standardized for cannabis businesses to grow top quality cannabis. Thus, cultivators who have truly perfected their craft will be cherished almost the same way that highly skilled coders are valued in tech. The best cultivators will have empirically-verified best practices and deep knowledge of cannabis and plant genetics.

Grow-ops are becoming more & more sophisticated

The best grow masters are highly skilled with warehouse management, plant cloning and transplanting, garden optimization to reduce overhead, and record keeping.

Highly Knowledgeable Cannabis Consultants

As the cannabis industry develops throughout the country, more and more people will be interested in grabbing a chunk of the industry. However, without the time to really sift through all of the ins and outs of the industry, many will be completely overwhelmed. Thus, those who can position themselves as true experts of the cannabis industry will likely find success.

As competition increases, it'll become easier to identify true experts from frauds looking to make a quick buck, which is definitely a current problem in the cannabis industry. If you're interested in becoming a cannabis consultant, start laying the groundwork by being successful in your own projects. Study up on basic business practices, the cannabis legal landscape, and modern integrated marketing strategies.

A bright future for the cannabis industry

These jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. The cannabis industry has been suppressed for so long it definitely has some catching up to do. However, rapid job growth and digitization will ensure a bright future for cannabis.

Amazingly, some colleges and universities are starting to offer degree programs focused on cannabis business & biology.