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The vibes are immaculate

Yeah, we're sick of cannabis industry jargon too. The best way to see what we're all about is to come pay us a visit, ask us questions, and see how we can help you with your cannabis needs.
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Four Friends Take On The Cannabis Industry

Starting in 2018 as a group of four friends ready to set foot in the world after college, we saw a natural synergy between ourselves and the emerging local cannabis industry. We decided to seize the opportunity to realize our collective skillset as young entrepreneurs. Now, we are working on opening a licensed cannabis dispensary in Monmouth County, NJ.

We envision a decentralized cannabis industry lead by small businesses working in harmony with their local communities. This will create a coevolution where dispensaries put the needs of their communities at the forefront while working to provide safe & high-quality cannabis and cannabis-based products. After years of waiting for cannabis legalization, we all deserve a cannabis industry that embraces and reflects the vibrant diversity woven throughout The Garden State.

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Top Shelf Cannabis, Even Better Customer Service

It's safe to say that most cannabis is pretty damn good nowadays. Long gone are the days of picking a dozen seeds out of your 1/8th. We go the extra mile to find the most passionate and obsessive cultivators and manufacturers to bring you only the best products.

Our team is here to help you find the best products for your lifestyle while providing you with the knowledge and resources to help you make your own informed decisions.
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Support Genuine East Coast Cannabis Entrepreneurs

We started Haute Box because we love cannabis. With your support we hope to continue doing this for as long as the passion burns.

Our entire team was born, raised, and still lives in New Jersey. We know what the East Coast is all about, and it sure as shit isn't Colorado transplants trying to make a quick buck selling you cannabis.

A Diverse, Tight-Knit Team